Our Mission

ANPOR Korea supports ANPOR’s activities in South Korea, including journal publication and local seminar hosting. ANPOR Korea works closely with both ANPOR and KASR on a number of projects, including the publication of their international journal, the Asian Journal for Public Opinion Research (AJPOR).

ANPOR Korea shares the objectives of ANPOR, including:

  • a) to promote in each country or region in Asia the right to conduct and publish scientific research or practical analysis on what the citizens at large and organized or unorganized groups think and how this thinking is influenced by various factors or influences decisions and opinions,
  • b) to promote the knowledge and application of scientific methods in this objective,
  • c) to assist and promote the development and publication of public opinion research in Asia,
  • d) to promote worldwide the publication of public opinion research on Asia,
  • e) to promote international cooperation and exchange among academic, commercial, or political researchers, journalists, and political actors, as well as between the representatives of the different scientific disciplines.
  • f) to engage in any kind of activity directly or indirectly supporting the above mentioned activities.

Our History

ANPOR was first established in 2012. ANPOR Korea was established as a legal entity to support ANPOR’s activities in South Korea in 2022.

Contact Us

99, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-764, Korea