Council Members


Sung Kyum Cho is the founding president of ANPOR Korea and publisher of AJPOR. He worked at Chungnam National University from 1991 to 2022, and became a full professor in 2003. At CNU, he also served as the dean of the Graduate School of National Public Policy (2019-2021) and dean of the College of Social Sciences (2014-2016) and was the founding director of CAPORCI (2008-2022), where he implemented the KAMOS survey. In addition, he has been the president of the Asian Network for Public Opinion Research (ANPOR), Korea Association of Survey Research (KASR), and Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (KSJCS) and has served as editor for editorial board member for several journals including Survey Research, AJPOR, Studies of Broadcasting Culture, and Indian Journal of Science Communication.

Dongguang Fang is a PhD candidate at Chungnam National University. As the secretary of ANPOR Korea, he is responsible for the administrative work of ANPOR Korea. He handles all Korean-language correspondence for ANPOR Korea.

Sarah Prusoff LoCascio is the managing editor of AJPOR. She handles the English-language correspondence for ANPOR Korea as the assistant secretary.

Council Members

Kwanpyo Bae